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Up and Running!

So I am now officially working at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis!  I’m very excited and hope to see you all there very soon.  To schedule with me you can call the reception desk at the center at 952-345-1953 or book online here.  If you want to call or email me directly I can always put you on the schedule myself.  I have bio and photo up that you can check out here.

My current hours are Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday afternoons.  In the future I’m hoping to add a morning shift but the other great news is that I now work with two amazing practitioners and one of us can see you almost anytime, 6 days a week!  Their information is on the bio page linked above as well. 

Once things getting settled I will most likely be hosting a workshop about seasonal eating and TCM dietary therapy.  Details will of course be posted when available.  Until then, be well, do some yoga and come in and see me sometime!